A regular sized mixed box, our most popular selections, has 10 to 12 items. Typically 3 or 4 items are fruit and others are veggies. The weight fluctuates depending on what’s in-season and which items are included in the box.
You can make changes and additions to your order by going to the My Account tab or by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Harvest box customizations are available from the Wednesday of the prior week (when the boxes are posted) until your cut-off day. The cut-off day is determined by the day of week of your delivery. You can find your cut off day in the My Account tab under Upcoming Deliveries and it is also posted in your shopping cart. 

Our delivery time is not exact as we are adding to our delivery routes all the time. Our drivers are out from about 7am to 7pm, Monday – Friday.
You don’t! Our driver will knock to let you know it has arrived and will place your delivery near your door (we’ll look for a protected place during inclement weather). If you would like, you can place a cooler by your door and we’ll gladly place your order inside. If you are receiving eggs in your order, you will certainly need to place a cooler with an ice pack by your door so your eggs will stay fresh until you can bring them inside.
We certainly do. Please fold the used produce box and leave it outside on the day of your next delivery and we will pick it up when we deliver your next box of delicious produce.
The fastest way to determine if we delivery in your area is to go to the Sign Up button and put in your address.  We are hoping to expand our delivery area very soon, so please let us know where you’re from and we’ll let you know when we plan to be in your area.  You can always call our office (719)-301-7670 and we would be able to help! 
Give us a call at 719-301-7670 or email info@farmtoforkcolorado.com



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